About body-building

Not always so remarkable but still most important. Every day. The beautiful, small, horrible and often insignificant experiences that makes us who we are, fascinates me. You see, choose and become with no interruption. The constant change inspires me. 

This is a text circulating around an artistic practice, it ́s an illustration of a why how what. Or, maybe more an attempt to put words onto a wish to see for tracing, where an aim is being become became. Be 

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Reason-able things

Susan Sontag once said: A thing is a thing
not what is said of that thing.
I agree.
Words reduce, kidnap meaning and I would
like to add:
It is in the meeting with this thing, an object
subject or whatever you call the other,
future formulates.
The meeting with..
creates an in between and this is a
dwelling point for time to come, that

Elegy over self

[…] Come to think of you when I look down on a city.
For some reason. 

You think you know

Just as you say it signals a truth like the other could ever know. An inner
active also include silence.
Who the fuck do you think you are.